The Variété Theatre

The Variété Theatre in Krakow was opened in the end of 2014. The idea for the construction of a Broadway style theatre was born several years ago and was conceived by the director Janusz Szydlowski, the current manager of the Variété Theatre. The theatre has its headquarters in a former building of a cinema called “Związkowiec”. Variété is a response to the needs of the inhabitants of Krakow as the city did not have any entertainment or music theater before. On April, 30th 2014 the Krakow City Council confer the theatre the status of a Cultural Institution.

In the theater the Monet seats were installed in a design which was individual and specific for this particular project. The dark stained woodwork with adjusted upholstery creates an elegant arrangement that is complement to the theatre hall. The comfort of Monet seats satisfies even the most demanding viewers.

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