The Alexander Kaminski Youth Palace

The Alexander Kaminski Youth Palace began its operations on December 3, 1951. The initial patron of the building was Boleslaw Bierut however on the basis of the Pedagogical Council resolution from June, 30 1989 the Palace was named after Professor Alexander Kaminski. On April 13, 2010 the building was added into the national register of cultural monuments.

In the Palace there is a theater hall with 455 seats, swimming, shooting range, gym, two exhibition halls and a teaching laboratory. In the Alexander Kaminski Youth Palace Social building a social school and a private kindergarten has its branch.

Between 2011 and 2014 thanks to a grant from the EU, a major renovation of the building took place. Among others; the theater hall has been redesigned and equipped with new Monet seats. 455 seats in a modernist look give the hall its original appearance. The combination of gray with classic wood allows the viewer to move back to the 50s of the twentieth century.

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