The Sokół Cinema in Sokółka near Bialystok in Poland has been operating for over 80 years. During this time, many changes have taken place, both in name and architecture. In the 1970s, it functioned both as a fixed and a travelling cinema. It was popular not only among locals but also among the wider Polish community – after all, not every cinema hall had room for 256 people! From 2007-2013, the place underwent an overhaul, which was intended to modernize and upgrade the cinema. An interesting solution was to create a scene in the shape of an arch, where it is planned to organise summer cinema screenings. The place has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.
A cinema is a place where, in addition to the audio-visual experiences, comfort is very important. As part of the reconstruction of the “Sokół”, the auditorium has been equipped with modern Baco chairs, created specifically for this type of building. Their ergonomic shape, special armrest with a cup holder, folding seat and Brilliant upholstery all combine to make each performance an unforgettable experience!

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